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Fiberglass Products

Steel Boats

           Little Pushy Workboat (U.S.A. 2003)

Little Pushy in steel is a workboat that has been used in the projects in California and Washington states since 2003.  Draft of this workboat is 0.8m only, suitable for shallow draft dredging work. 

Our unique design made shipping this workboat into a 40ft shipping container be possible.  Two people can assemble Little Pushy in a few hours.

Car Towing Dolly and Couplings

Car Towing Dolly (U.K. 2005)                     Car Towing Coupling (U.K. 2005)

Haiben is not only on the sea but also on the road.

Steering Brackets 

                     Hamilton Marine Steering Brackets (U.S.A. 2006)

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