New Product: Uploading Files to Trust Fund Network (TRUNET) ERP – Data Entry Software.  TRUNET is the network infrastructure that interconnects LANs at each federal institution for the Trust Fund Operations.  If you win a government project from government such as Department of Justice, our ERP is the best software for you to upload your projects to TRUNET.


This ERP is a comprehensive system including the following features.

·         Converting unlimited word files into PDF format by ONE click.

·         Uploading ONE file including mails without Word Count and documents with time in TRUNET to TRUNET by THREE clicks. 

·         Quality Control which can find out Blank File, Corrupted File or File with problem of ID Not Matching, etc.


We have been developing this software since 2016.  This software will be able to upload files in one directory to TRUNET one by one automatically soon.


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